About Us

At HazAtlas we believe that everyone should be able to prepare for the future of their business in our changing climate. We have worked with countless clients to understand the vulnerability of their facilities and assets to future climate change events, and have seen how tricky it can be to get useful, actionable information.

In response we’ve built a digital tool that makes it easy to determine which sites will be exposed to climate hazards and what the associated financial risk is. It is an interactive dashboard that would allow you to view multiple climate scenarios, compare different sites by their level of risk and avoid future losses due to climate change.

Our team of experts are committed to providing transparent results that you can be confident in. Let us help you prepare for the risks of climate change so that you can plan and avoid future losses!

Our people

Our world-class team

Kaity Lieschke
Co-Founder and Director
Ross Beardsley
Co-Founder and Director
Dr. Sue Kemball-Cook
Climate Modeler
James McCann
Data Engineer
Maria Facchin Asmussen
Climate Risk Expert
Piotr Domaszczynski
Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeler
Lara Alvarez
Environmental Economist